Monday, 23 November 2009

Which colour scheme is for you? - part 2

Continuing from last week, today we'll look at flowers for four colours: purple, yellow, white and red.


This is a colour very popular with royalty, clergy and psychics ... and symbolises a dramatic, flamboyant personality.
Flowers to match a purple wedding theme are Lisianthus (eustoma), allium, liatris, phalaenopsis, orchid, anemone, African violet, streptocarpusYellow
Yellow is a bright and cheerful colour that stimulates memory and symbolises summer, the sunshine and holidays.
For a yellow theme, you can use: sunflower, solidago, achillea, daffodils, oncidium, orchid, begonia, hibiscus.

White flowers often appear more expensive than the coloured version of the same flower.
Adequate choices would be Longiflorum lily, gypsophila, stephanotis, gardenia, peace lily.

The colour of passion, red grabs attention and points to an assertive personality.
You can choose roses, geranium, anthurium, celosia, amaryllis, poinsettia, kalanchoe.

For more ideas on flowers visit or read Wedding Flowers Magazine. I particularly like this magazine, as at the end there are 4 pages with flower names and images. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Little Miss Wedding - stylish wedding ideas and inspirations for UK brides

Every bride wants her wedding to be unique, but sometimes it seems rather hard to find inspiration, as most of the blogs seem to address only the US market.

Today, we are happy to present an interview with Emmie from Little Miss Wedding, a blog presenting unique wedding ideas and suppliers especially selected for British brides.

Ladies, enjoy and do not forget to visit Little Miss Wedding.

1. is rather unique on the British wedding market. What determined you to write a blog presenting ideas to make the wedding day special?

I organised my wedding last December myself and found that little of any interest on the internet to help me. I decided that there was a niche in the market for a UK focused site that listed/ reviewed good value, reliable suppliers that can offer something a little bit 'unique and boutique'. I wanted to set up a site that gave readers ideas, tips, advice and a directory of reputable suppliers. LMW is about showing couples how to have fun whilst planning their wedding, encouraging couples to involve family and friends, helping couples to find those one off suppliers (that are out there but are sometimes difficult to find) and offering ideas and inspiration so that people getting married can have the wedding that they really want without it having to cost the earth.

2. Is this a hobby or a full time job?

At the moment it’s a hobby. My full time job is in online/ digital media - my experience in online marketing and media is what made me decide to set up an online site focused on weddings.

3. For inspiration, I like following the posts on Style me pretty, JL Designs and also the design boards from Helen Carter. Are there any blogs/websites that you like in particular?

I like Style me Pretty too (I think everyone does), Green Wedding shoes is a good one (which my hubbie found for me). I like to focus on the UK market so I follow UK brides that are getting married and blogging about their preparations, such as (infact Gaynor the bride to be is going to start guest blogging on LMW soon). I also like to follow photographers blogs as I love looking at all their wedding pics and getting inspiration from there.

4. Looking back at your posts, is there a decorative idea that you loved so much you would like to incorporate in your wedding day?

I am still to post about a lot of the little decorative ideas that I had at my own wedding, but I do love the night sky lanterns that I have posted about on LMW. Had I had a wedding in the summer in the countryside I would have let these off into the night sky in the evening - so romantic. Unfortunately this wasn't really an option in central london. I also love the table decorations and vintage milk bottles used for table names that I featured in one of my posts (taken from Planet Mithi's blog) - she is really creative and her blog is a fantastic source of inspiration.

5. This year we’ve seen many vintage inspired weddings and a growing tendency to being environmentally friendly. What trends do you see for next year?

Ooh I don't know - I think vintage inspired weddings will still be popular, and I think that you are right in that people are beginning to think more about the environment when planning their wedding, which is why I like florists like Planet Flowers that use seasonal and locally sourced flowers and foliage. I think with the recession we'll see more and more people looking for bargains, ways to cut costs, save money and involving their friends and family in a true DIY wedding. That is why I try and post about suppliers that don't cost the earth and DIY ideas that brides can use to make things themselves. I know lots of people getting married next year and they are all looking to see where their friends and family can help out and save them money.

6. Are there any tips you would give a bride wanting to make her wedding day unique? (eg: where to get inspiration from in terms of website, magazines, hobbies; who to turn to for advice etc)

Well check out my site :-) and also just search the internet for other wedding blogs and sites (including the ones that we have mentioned above). The beauty of the internet is that you can search for exactly what you want, its all free, and there is lots and lots of information out there that is up to date and relevant. Magazines can be good but I prefer the internet as there is no cost and you can choose what you read, rather than a magazine where they choose the content which might be completely irrelevant to your needs. Getting adviceand ideas from married friends(and friends of friends) is always good too.

Thank you, Emmie! We'll keep following your posts :)

Monday, 16 November 2009

Which colour scheme is for you? - part 1

Choosing a theme for the wedding day has become one of the main concerns of a bride-to-be.
There are many ways to choose a theme, but one of the simplest is choosing colours that you like. The following two Monday posts focus on presenting a selection of flower recommendations according to the colour theme you choose.

If you like green, you are caring, home loving, responsible, you like nature and may support ecology.
For your green wedding theme, you can use bells of Ireland, guilder rose.

As a pink lover, you are feminine, unthreatening and calming.
The best flowers to match a pink theme are: carnation, sweet pea, Guernsey lily, azalea, and hypoesies (polka dot plant).

Blue is the sign of a restful, calming, cool, relaxing person.
Flowers to help bring to life a blue wedding theme are delphinium, cornflower, agapanthus (nile lily), campanula, iris, hydrangea.

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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Lingerie ... oh-la-la - tips on choosing your wedding day lingerie

It is my considered opinion that lingerie can help us feel beautiful and happy with ourselves without having to undergo surgical operations or torturing diets.

Today we have a special guest on our blog: Sarah from Elizabeth Wells who has kindly agreed to share some of her knowledge when it comes to lingerie. Ladies, enjoy :) and feel free to visit her website for some ideas ;)

1. What it is more important when choosing the lingerie: the body shape or the style of the dress?

Both are important when choosing your lingerie. You dont want something that will show under your dress, you also want to choose something that will enhance your figure so that you feel at your best. Some brides want to enhance their chest as much as possible, others want to feel pulled in with the help of shape wear.

2. What type of lingerie do you recommend according to a bride’s body shape? (pear/apple/athlete/petite etc)

I would recommend thinking about shape wear, particularly around the tummy. This could be in the form of a sassy basque, a corset designed to be worn under a dress or the high waisted knickers. This is important for some women as the tummy is a real area of worry. If you feel secure and comfortable you will enjoy your day, rather than holding your tummy in!

The key is feeling secure and comfortable - this is why its a great idea to come and be fitted and to try options you may not have considered before. Remember your lingerie fitter is an expert in her field and may have some great ideas & tips for you. For example it may be a lot more comfortable & practical to go for high waisted knickers and a strapless bra than a basque.

3. What type of lingerie do you recommend according to a bride’s dress? (A line/princess/siren etc)

If you need a strapless bra I would recommend the half cup bras from my shop as these give a great shape to the bust, the ones in EW also have the added advantage of being gorgeous bras! The fuller cups can tend to pull you down if you're wearing them for a long period of time.

The knickers are important - you do not want visible panty line! The thigh & slimmers are also a good idea if you want to suck things in & keep everything streamlined. If you do this its common for the brides to buy some fancy knickers for the wedding night. An all in one body is a great idea as the dress skims over everything, you can wear pretty bridal lingerie - just remember to whip the all in one off before you seduce your new hubby!

4. In your experience, when should a bride buy her wedding day lingerie? Is it important for a bride to bring the lingerie to the fittings for her dress?

To be sure you should ask your dress fitter. I think it is useful to buy the lingerie to wear for fittings - this way you can be sure your whole outfit sits together beautifully.

5. Could you give us your top 5 tips when choosing lingerie for the wedding day?

1 - Be properly fitted & try all the options

2 - Be comfortable in what your wearing, you'll be in it all day

3 - Buy some sexy undies for the night - if your wearing shapewear you may be put off getting undressed!

4 - Take your undies with you to your dress fitting

5 - Buy a garter at the same time! EW's garters are all handmade in Nottingham 100% silk and all individual & unique - why would you want a mass produced garter!?

Thank you, Sarah, for your helpful pieces of advice :)

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

White Lilies Events featured on

We are happy to be featured in the article "Stretch you wedding budget" on with one of the 10 tips to help you manage your wedding budget wisely. Have a look at it and feel free to share your thoughts on it :)

Monday, 12 October 2009

Honeymoon destinations by month 6

Finally, the recommendations for honeymoon destinations for the last 2 months of the year: November and December. You can enjoy winter snow as well as winter sun.

Caribbean: A favourite destination at this time of the year thanks to the many romantic islands you can choose from from.
Thailand: Discover the rich Thai culture: markets, palaces, forests ...
The Galapagos Islands/Ecuador: Explore the jungles and mountains and enjoy the friendly wildlife.
Zanzibar: Great winter sun with vast, white, empty sands and stunning unspoilt vegetation
Vienna, Austria: Culture lovers will definitely love Vienna's grand architecture, music, art and opera.
Canada: Enjoy the great skiing that Quebec, Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia offer.

Photo credits:
Vienna: City Pictures
Canada: Discover holidays

The recommendations and information presented are extracted from Brides Wedding Planner 2009. All rights reserved.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Honeymoon destinations by month 5

Autumn is the season of weddings and wedding fayres, but also of some blissful honeymoon destinations. Read on to see what September and October has to offer!

Mauritius: Enjoy this paradise island with its paradise hotels, beaches and food.
Norway: Take advantage of the trees in bloom, long days and mild weather.
Borneo: Adventure lovers can explore the rainforests and climb Mount Kinabalu

Bali welcomes you with its soft, white sandy beaches!
New England, USA: Unwind amongst stunning autumnal displays
Dubai is the place where the sun never fails to shine

Photo credits:
Mauritius: Mauritius Paradise Tour
New England, USA: The Telegraph

The recommendations and information presented are extracted from Brides Wedding Planner 2009. All rights reserved.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Honeymoon destinations by month 4

Half way through the list of honeymoon destinations by month are July and August with locations to help you make the most of your summer.

South Pacific: Unwind on picture-postcard beaches while the rainfall is at its lowest.
Italy: Enjoy the fantastic Italian cuisine in the country's heartland of romance: Florence, Venice, Tuscany and the lakes.
Tanzania: Nature lovers will certainly enjoy the awesome zebra/wildebeest migration that happens now.

Seychelles: A devine scenery with white sands, marine parks and buried treasure for you to discover.
Vietnam: The climate and temperature are ideal for exploring cultural and natural delights.
Namibia: Come here to witness the highest concentration of wild animals in Etosha National Park.

Photo credits:
Fiji: Pacific travel guides
Tuscan cuisine: La Rogaia
Etosha National Park: Travel to Africa

The recommendations and information presented are extracted from Brides Wedding Planner 2009. All rights reserved.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Vintage wedding decoration tip

I would like to share this little table arrangement as I think it is really delicate and pretty. And ... it can also be a great money-saving tip.

For a vintage look for your reception, why not use your granny's teacup collection to decorate the venue. It can help save at least for two reasons:
  • you don't have to hire vases ... you already have the cups
  • the flowers that can be used should be cheaper, as the stem required for the arrangements is short (one florist once told me that the longer the stem and the richer the bud, the more expensive the flower is)
Justify FullThis lovely arrangement was made by Buds and Bows in Worcester. I highly recommend them as they've helped me when I was let down by someone else when preparing for a wedding fayre.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Honeymoon destinations by month 3

Today we'll continue with a little bit spring and a little bit of summer: May and June. These two months can offer options for both luxury and nature lovers.

Mexico: The Yucatan Peninsula welcomes you with its hip resorts, white sandy beaches and Mayan ruins
Crete: Explore this beautiful Greek island amidst colourful spring flowers under a balmy weather.
Montana, USA: Stay on a ranch, go riding or camp out under the starts. Watch Hallmark's "Straight from the heart" for a glimpse of what awaits you.

Cote d'azur: Mix with the jet-set in St Tropez, then stargaze in Cannes and Monaco
Across Europe on the Orient Express: Revel in romance, luxu
ry and great scenery.
Alaska: For the Northern Lights, getting back to nature and even going salmon fishing.

Photo credits:
Montana, USA:
Orient Express:

The recommendations and information presented are extracted from Brides Wedding Planner 2009. All rights reserved.